Wenzhou shoe cited 20% of SMEs in bankruptcy reflection

Many people may have not been to Wenzhou, Wenzhou, but few people have not used the product, this small town south of Zhejiang, producing 10% of the country’s clothing, shoes, 20%, 60% of the razor, 65% of the locks, 80 % of the glasses, 90% and 90% lighter metal watercolor pen, Wenzhou, low-voltage electrical, hardware, auto parts, ceramic products in the country also occupies an important position, we can say, Wenzhou is the rise of manufacturing in China a microcosm of the development, however, we have recently, when a reporter interview in Wenzhou have found that some once-booming local manufacturing companies, now days more and more sad.Famous New UGG australia Women’s Classic Tall Sand 5823

Tremendous pressure on prices of raw materials

Wenzhou City is located in a zone in a garment factory, from the appearance point of view, four-story factory show this is not the size of a small garment factory, but when a reporter walked into the factory after they saw this scene: thousands of square meters of production workshop was empty, stacked in a corner of the plant a lot of large and small parcels, reporters opened it, the original was inside the clothes have been processed, hundreds crowded the land before sewing equipment together, seem to suggest there have been a busy here, and released from the wall of the notice of the time point of view, is still here in January of this year’s production.

As this is now the only stay garment factory personnel, the security still remember in more than two months ago, this was still the machine roar, voices, and out of hundreds of workers every day, so that he is almost too busy no time to rest, but then how he did not expect a sudden turn of events after the Spring Festival, due to growing losses since last year, the owner of this garment factories had to reluctantly turn off the factory.

After the Spring Festival this year, suddenly found a lot of smart Wenzhou, Wenzhou, seemingly overnight dropped a lot of factories closed down, at the same time, the newspaper plant sale and rental of the relevant information is also more and more every day, full-page full-page, Pharaoh is one of the published information on a building lease, he told reporters that he had this plant is leased to a clothing factory, because businesses have suffered during the Spring Festival this year, garment factory boss do not do surrender off the factory, so Wang had to find new customers, but despite the ad in the five or six times, spent a lot of money, but how can rent out the plant, and the first two years, compared about forty percent lower rents, but the plant does not go out or rent it to Pharaoh is very anxious in the face of the empty plant, Pharaoh was very worried, he did not know in the end of his day can be rented out plant .

In fact, in addition to clothing, shoes, electronics and other traditional labor-intensive than large number of enterprises closed down, and now some of the characteristics of light industry in Wenzhou began to crises.

Wenzhou lighter is one of the most distinctive industries, eighty or ninety percent of the world’s metal cigarette lighters are produced in Wenzhou, which is a talk about the number of people to be proud of, but as the industry leader in Wenzhou lighter, Zhou Dahu was worried.

Zhou Dahu, told reporters the number of firms from the lighter the previous year dropped to about six hundred fifty three now, Wenzhou’s lighter industry suffered an unprecedented setback, looking around peers who have fallen one by one, Zhou Dahu heart is also not so easily.Famous New UGG australia Women’s Classic Tall Chocolate 5823

In fact, Wenzhou, a manufacturing crisis is rapidly spreading in all areas, Zhou German, president of Association for the Promotion of SMEs in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, dean of scientific management long-term research and tracking of Wenzhou model of economic development.

Promotion of SMEs in Wenzhou president of weeks German: “It should be said for SMEs in Wenzhou is now facing, is a very difficult kind of situation, then it can be said is expressed by a crisis, it can be said that the crisis is relatively large , especially since this spring, some small and medium enterprises, he had no way to production. ”

Promotion of SMEs in Wenzhou City, according to the statistics, Wenzhou, a total of more than 30 million SMEs, then how many of them have been or are facing close?

Zhou German that there may be 20% of enterprises in the suspension or semi-suspended condition. In the weeks German view, the more concern is, are experiencing a crisis not only in Wenzhou, a number of light manufacturing in the Yangtze River Delta is also more developed areas, are facing the same dilemma.

Zhou German: “I think this should be said that the crisis exists in all parts of the Yangtze River Delta region, because I often go to visit with the entrepreneurs, including several in the area around Shanghai, such as Songjiang, Jinshan, etc., then these areas are also facing with the crisis, including Jiangsu, Jiangsu north. ”

The private economy in Wenzhou, the vitality of SMEs is the richest part of it can be said, it is supported by many SMEs in the vibrant piece of gold from a large sign manufacturers in Wenzhou, Wenzhou, many well-known local manufacturing giants, like the Germany of the West, Chint, although now are worth billions, billions, but want the original are also workshops for small businesses from home since, and now, many small and medium manufacturing enterprises in Wenzhou are in trouble, they encountered any problems in the end ? Listen to enterprise managers view.Famous New UGG australia Women’s Classic Tall Purple 5823

Appears in the Zhou Dahu, Wenzhou lighter enterprises closed down a year’s time in service three, one important reason is that many companies can not afford the enormous price pressure on raw materials. Zhou Dahu, said the Wenzhou lighter metal production of its raw materials, mainly zinc, copper, platinum, nickel, etc., but in recent years, surging prices of non-ferrous metals, reaching new heights, which makes a substantial increase in the cost of business, such as the two and copper from the original twenty thousand to the present six or seven million, up two times, zinc from the original Bajiu Qian, now risen to two or three million, sometimes thirty or forty thousand.

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Security measures to build a new multi-county “industrial base in north China shoe”

An County, Hebei Province footwear industry over thirty years of development and growth, and has formed a foundation and scale, low price, fashionable styles of the competitive advantage of marketing the country, some products are exported to North America and Central and Eastern Europe more than 30 countries and regions, to become a feature of the local industry.

According to introduction, the new county a total of 1065 safety footwear enterprises, employing 4.5 million people, an annual output of 140 million pairs of shoes, the sales income of more than 30 billion yuan. In order to standardize the development of the footwear industry, and promote the upgrading of shoe-making enterprises on the establishment of the Standing Committee by the county, led by deputy head of the Economic and Social Development Committee of the footwear industry, consists of the development of integrated law enforcement team and the Steering Group, responsible for the development of three town shoes work.UGG Classic Argyle Knit

On each of the new county by the person in charge of training will be held companies, business development forum of the machine, engage industry experts lecture on “Product Quality Law,” “Trademark Law”, “on Handling Criminal Cases of IPR Issues in the interpretation of application of the law” and other laws, regulations, and joint “Crocodile”, “Nike”, “Adidas” and other well-known manufacturers of the officer training and education to the shoe-making enterprises, to further enhance awareness and quality consciousness trademark practitioners. The county was established in 2006, footwear industry associations, the use of associations of self awareness, strengthen internal management, and guide enterprises to abide by the law business, bigger and stronger, trees of the brand. Currently, county employees with more than 500 scale enterprises has reached 15, more than 700 bar production lines, driving the healthy development of the footwear industry.UGG Classic Short Camo

Exist for the industry lags behind industry planning issues, safety footwear planned new county industrial park and logistics and distribution centers to adopt preferential policies and admission standards for the project, strict project selection, assigned to the park’s enterprises of industry upgrading project, guide its development in the high-end products, production standardization, product series, industrial brand, shoe-making enterprises in the country called out the slogan “On the new” brand, so that the park become a key business incubator advantage, gathering area, to create the “China North footwear industry base, “laid the foundation.

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O’Connell stores in India Bollywood (Bollywood) star, surrounded by their grand opening

Yesterday, the Indian capital New Delhi (NEW DELHI), India’s first store in O’Connell Bollywood (Bollywood), surrounded by big-name stars of the grand opening – this is the first Indian shoe brand stores in China, and the first entered China’s footwear brand in India. A day earlier, O’Connell also held in New Delhi on a grand brand conference (AOKANG BRAND LAUNCHING EVENT). Aokang Group President Wang Zhentao said, “China will become India’s footwear brand new lifestyle factors.”UGG Classic Tall Romantic Flower

Last June 18, Aokang India, U.S., Hong Kong launched the same day the three major international companies, all-Indian Administrators in the O’Connor Group headquarters for a week training in corporate culture and market visits. Currently, after 9 months of careful operation, Aokang India Company began a comprehensive layout of the Indian market marketing network.

From the local Indian professional manager, general manager of Aokang ANIRUDH BANERJEE India, said: “The first store we chose O’Connor settled in India’s most powerful MGF Metropolitan Mall. As a first step in branding, we Council approved the creation of image of the shop, settled in the core shopping centers to improve visibility. Of course, the Chinese market is different from the development of Aokang India will choose to join the development of the main. “ANIRUDH BANERJEE his marketing team are first-class marketing elite Indian origin, marketing channels for the Indian market is very familiar. It is understood that, in 2008, O’Connell channel construction companies in India will be major breakthroughs, including the development of shops and wholesale agents, including major shopping store shop, shop number is expected to reach one hundred or so.UGG Roxy Boots

“We bring to India is not just a single product, but also a concept of consumption, lifestyle and fashion shoe industry.” Wangzhentao in the March 24 conference on the evening of the brand, said: “Indian consumers are very concerned about footwear, in particular the development of world-class and Seiko secret agents of the footwear. at this point, we are very confident, because we are native to China’s largest footwear manufacturer and marketer of international brands. ”

Statistics show that India as the world’s second most populous country, with China, accounted for the world’s 1 / 3 of the population. India and China common market characteristics, as O’Connell rapidly expanding Indian market offers a good foundation. According to introduction, the construction of overseas marketing network Aokang all localization operation, O’Connell will not manage the output. 2010, O’Connell total overseas stores is expected to reach 1,000 or more.UGG Women’s Liberty

It is understood that, in addition to the layout in India, Aokang current response to the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic footwear industry, is marketing the full range of network layout speed. Particularly in the domestic marketing network, O’Connell March 20 just in Dongguan, Guangdong Investment Conference held in the brand, launched a comprehensive “1 N” new marketing model: “1” represents the famous space or single-brand flagship stores, “N” on behalf of many stores, or “Wal-Mart KFC” mode. The January 8, Aokang Group made famous Italian brands million Li Weide global franchise, the Huaihai Road in Shanghai, China opened its first image of the store, at present, the brand in China has nearly 30 sales outlets.

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Chinese shoe: Jedi from the brand began to fight back

Stir-fried by the media’s “huge cost pressure,” although the manufacturing sector through the “labor pains”, but the manufacturing sector as one CFO put it, “there have existed truth. Manufacturing and productive life at stake, must be better than other industry has more vitality. “and their” lung “is actually rather be outside criticism from the” cost “, the difference is that the new round of cost management in China with the” technical content. ”

In early 2008, many Korean enterprises have evacuated from coastal regions of China illegally. Their “night flight” in the “China Concept” is still hot today, attracted a lot of attention. Yonhap reported that the Hong Kong Federation of Industries of 8 million house recently in the Chinese mainland enterprises conducted a questionnaire survey showed that 37% of the respondents said there were plans to transfer the factory. 63% of respondents said that in Guangdong, to withstand the ever rising cost of production, I hope out of the country. Most of them consider the plants to Vietnam.

Rising raw material prices and wages, the new “Labor Contract Law” enacted, the RMB exchange rate rose, increasing environmental pressure, anti-dumping, all these seem to be “cost advantage” known “Made in China” into an impasse.UGG Adirondack

“Dreaming.” In this “change ‘Made in China’ to ‘Created in China'” is still the dominant view today, Yahoo China president, vice president of Alibaba Group, Zeng Ming stunned the world, “the world’s economic structure is undergoing a fundamental change. Due to the huge financial capital and human capital in the world of great mobility, technology innovation can bring any imitation and monopoly profits are in rapid decline. relatively homogeneous low-cost competition to become involved in any business competitive the necessary conditions. whether it is Chinese companies or multinational corporations must face the cruelty of the new competition, there can be no illusions. ”

“I hope they have a trademark brand name, or a registered number of valuable patents, or some can hold onto the trade secret, or can be introduced here and there that can recover the cost of quality and technology upgrading. No one is not try, but success easy Kazuya?” economist Zhang Wuchang said, “there are successful, but those who are virtuous and talented person, lucky, a country’s economic development can not depend on a handful of people.”

When the magazine visited the media really stir the “huge cost pressure,” the manufacturing industries, but the other side of the coin shows: the manufacturing industry of this seems to have been close to “truth” of the argument quite some disagree. “There, there exists a point. Manufacturing and productive life at stake, certainly more than any other industry vitality. Industry, some well, some do not, to see how to do it.” Fujian CFO of a large private enterprise seriously.

And their “lung” actually was criticized from the outside rather be the “cost”, the difference is that with the establishment of the “sweatshop” on the basis of cost management rose to a “lean cost management,” the height, from the stress seeking new opportunities.UGG Baby

Lean start the macro focus

“As the CFO need to have the ability to focus on the macro, the macro level is to coordinate resource allocation problem.” Well-known local brand shoes CFO Yu Xiongping Aokang respect. “A ‘research, production, marketing’ integration of the companies, not look at brands the most ‘money’, this, resources will be here too tilted to the neglect of the basic production processes. Should be flexible according to the actual situation deployment, to balance the use of financial resources. “Now there are some changes in the footwear industry, is the small quantity batches to production. This made a high of procurement requirements, the need for timely and accurate procurement of raw materials, or it may greatly affect the production schedule. Then you can consider the appropriate financial resources to the procurement tilt. In short, is to make money and responsibilities of departments where the balance up. “For example, he said.

The face of almost no local shoe brand to Nike, Adidas, the operation of international brands such standards, relying on the brand, the manufacturing outsourcing, will be able to support the reality of enterprise development, “O’Connell’s strategy is to maintain the manufacture and sale of synchronization, future competition should be competition in the industry chain. so we can not focus only on the direct control of their manufacturing base, also do OEM for the O’Connell’s factories into the whole management system under O’Connell. “He further said .

“And the world-class manufacturing companies, the Chinese enterprise management level there are still significant gaps.” Yuxiong Ping frankly stated, “So the scale of the expansion of manufacturing production are land resources, equipment, many other factors, to develop and grow, refinement of management is essential. “UGG Classic Mini 5854

In this regard, Management Case Research Center, Peking University, senior research fellow Keyin Bin deep identity, “the price of materials, the RMB exchange rate pressure is external, but internal factors, the key is ‘endogenous organizational capacity’ lack of, although not very many entrepreneurs want to hear, but is a fact. “he half-jokingly. Very easy to find, although the transfer has been manufacturing center, but each time the transfer have left a very valuable experience and practice. In Japan, Toyota and a number of management left a very good business. In China Taiwan Province, also left a group of OEM Foxconn, the world-class enterprise. “Specialized manufacturing in the ‘smile curve’ of the low-end. But basically happens is in the manufacture of Foxconn best. Including the world layout, layout, layout, labor, Foxconn management advantages to enterprises, into a manufacturing advantage. For example, the relatively fast capacity orders, such as in-depth understanding of customers. “researcher at Tsinghua University co-Fang Qin said.

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Cornell will create 100 well-known figure shoe database

That was before the storm, with the salty seawater signal. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday for three days, Wenzhou shoe brand’s best-known Cornell, O’Connell, Red Dragonfly coincidentally beating the “drums”, they push new products, shop network, the new marketing … … with flowers, beauty, color storm gun to greet the arrival of the footwear industry, “since not escape, then calmly greet.”

China’s top ten shoe king, six in Wenzhou, Wenzhou shoe therefore be regarded as China’s footwear industry leader. Wenzhou shoe enterprises face a large number of short-term withdrawal and the collapse of the message, the reporter made a special trip to Wenzhou investigation.

Wenzhou streets are still bustling, many shoe stores in the “closed discount.” “Wenzhou shoe industry of the ‘winter’ has come, after the Chinese New Year, has shut down more than 70 companies.” Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association executive vice president, said Xie Rongfang, in fact, closed or converted to other production companies may be far more than this figure, because the opening is to sing Salute advertised, but closed but most of them were quietly. More companies are still struggling.

Not long ago, the king crickets and other seven brands of shoes in Wenzhou, Wuhan quietly withdraw from the market, because almost simultaneous action, caused no small vibration. It is understood that the market retreated from Wuhan 7, and all the “National Inspection-free Product”, in which two or “Chinese leather shoes” level of Wenzhou shoes.UGG Nightfall 5359

In 2001, the prosperity of its heyday, Wenzhou shoe enterprises have had more than 5,000, and now half gone.

All the industry also had a premonition, Wenzhou shoe may end up only a few remaining large enterprises. Many small shoe, where the direction of the future? Should not short stroke, focus on immediate interests of the company now faces an uncertain future, while the habit of paying for future business after the storm are waiting to enjoy the harvest.

All internal and external pain constantly shoe

Wuhan is the important footwear distribution center, based in Wenzhou shoe to do domestic trade will account for a bit to get there. “Two or three years ago, the Wenzhou several brands of shoes are still very cattle on this land, the annual sales to reach 30 million to 5,000 million.” Returned from Wuhan to a business leader said that now positions restrain, and cost too much pressure.

Raw material prices, labor costs, recruitment difficulties, energy issue, the export tax rebate policy adjustment and other factors, are squeezing the profits of the enterprise, Wenzhou shoe gave tremendous pressure to survive. Internal and external problems, many companies have chosen to stop.

Domestic paving difficult, hold out

Interview with Mr. Lee is not easy, just exit the shoe market to hold out, he is perhaps his choice was wise, and again and again will only sink deeper.UGG Sundance II 5325

In 1999, Lee opened a export-oriented shoe, just started a few years in good shape, although the anti-dumping smoke constantly, and he still luck. In recent years, footwear enterprises increasingly slim profit margins last year, the RMB appreciation, export tax rebate and tightening lending full pressure, it is export-oriented shoe to hit hard.

“International trade practices are in U.S. dollars, U.S. dollars and foreign companies signed a subscription agreement, and the corporate side or both production and processing of procurement of raw materials is denominated in Renminbi.” Lee to the reporter called for example, the same $ 5 shoes the past can be redeemed for more than 40 yuan, and now becomes a 37 yuan RMB, the loss of nearly 10% of the net profit; 2 points lower export tax rebates, the export profits of shoe repeated compression, while the national macro-control policy-intensive enterprises to bear the cost of increased pressure, comprehensive cost increase of 10% or more.

“I have also tried to do domestic sales, but competition is heating up.” Lee said, the domestic market sales and marketing network, brand recognition, which is export-oriented enterprises, is a new challenge.

There is a market out of stock

Market, the spring dance, can spring shoes to the footwear market and not a trace of energy markets. Market validation of the card shoe company chairman Wang Zhongqiang Timor Onyango saying: market demand, but the shoes usually do not.UGG Sundance Limited Edition

Footwear enterprises are labor-intensive enterprises, Wenzhou shoe and more skilled workers is limited, usually we are all you compete with, and now the cost of increased again, nothing to fight, but there are brands of small and medium brands. Wenzhou Shoe Industry Association, according to surveys, opening this year, the majority of Wenzhou shoe factory workers did not move together, or the novice and more, the production simply can not keep up. Corporate pressure is already great, now that the status of a city out of stock, it became “the last straw breaks the camel”, “many simply to close the shoe.” One industry source said that not only lack of people in Wenzhou for OEM shoes in Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Chengdu and other places, factories also face the same problem, a Wenzhou, “China’s real leather shoes king” enterprise in Guangzhou in November last year, under the orders of spring shoes, shoes, has yet to make it.

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Industry to accelerate past are gone, Wenzhou shoe shuffle collective experience confusion

Paul Knight, director of marketing Wu Ting-shoe companies, and a meal to help colleagues in Wuhan, a shoe factory in Wenzhou, Wuhan, head of the office, out of breath on crickets and Wang reported that 7 just to withdraw the local market of Wenzhou footwear brands name. This seven Wuhan market retreating from all the “national exemption product”, and two or “Chinese leather shoes were” level of Wenzhou shoes.

Most of the gradual transformation of small brands

As the key footwear distribution center in Wuhan, who is the brand of “Wadi.” Two or three years ago, and the enterprises of the official told reporters, these brands are cattle in Wuhan, a brand’s annual sales reached 30 million yuan -5 000 million. Not to three years, the former marketing center, let them no foothold.UGG Sundance II 5325

Spring shoes just listing the performance of the market and not for the weak to bring good news of Wenzhou shoe market. Verify the card market footwear company chairman Wang Zhongqiang Timor oni argument: market demand, however, to draw up shoes, miss sales opportunities. There are two main reasons, First, most of Wenzhou shoe factory workers did not move Qi, or novice and more, the production can not keep up; second is the same as lack of workers, for the OEM shoes in Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Chengdu and other places, factories can not on time delivery. 1 Wenzhou “China really leather king” enterprise in Guangzhou in November last year under the orders of spring shoes, shoes do not come out so far.

Large number of Wenzhou shoes brand shoes just a listing of spring is the market, no shoes; second and third line of the brand, you always face the threat out. Jin Zhe, chairman, Japan and Thailand that are now in the integration of Wenzhou shoes, big brand will be greater, stronger, most of the small brands have been in transition, looking to survive.

Let agents “buy” brand undercurrent flowing along. Poised to wait for the comeback of a number of Wenzhou footwear brand, started in Zhengzhou, Taiyuan and other markets, so that the agent “Buying” Brand: As manufacturers do not profit, brand owners are no longer being produced shoes manufacturers, distributors free purchase orders, manufacturers by “closing one yuan per pair of shoes,” the brand to the agents collect royalties.UGG Sundance Limited Edition

The result of the domestic market accelerated shuffle

Wenzhou shoe brand experienced mass confusion, and leather shoes in Wenzhou, the team began to gradually manifested.

In Zhong-Qiang Wang’s view, if that is after the year 2000 the glory days of Wenzhou shoe brand, then after 2004 is the sudden emergence of Wenzhou leather shoes brand when Ouniao Wang, giant Japanese, giant Kang, Zhuo Shi dozens Nepal brands in the market, drastic measures. “But the experience of last year’s leather sandals in the market after a large backlog, leather shoes this year, the same challenge. Is the natural shoe in Chongqing market research company General Manager Liu Liao Tung said, although the number of women leather shoes brand sales is also good, but Wenzhou leather shoe production in recent years increasing exponentially. leather shoes on the market too much, intense competition, a number of brands at any time would be “squeeze” the market.

April 29, 2003, Aokang Group President Wang Zhentao at an internal meeting, Wenzhou shoe industry has made a development trend, entitled “winter is not far away” statement. Article published by the newspaper after the vibration caused in the industry. Wenzhou shoe enterprises such elegant wave, but also deliberately copying the full text, in the summer of that year, held at the corporate marketing and national distribution to marketing agents. 5 years later, Wenzhou shoes “winter” is probably coming. February 15 this year, Wang Zhentao Wenzhou shoe industry in the analysis of the time, told this reporter: “I think that this year is the winter of Wenzhou shoes.”UGG Ultra Short 5225

Wang Zhentao, etc. The industry believes that this is to accelerate the domestic shoe market, the result of shuffling. Wenzhou shoe industry is now facing the problem, which reflects the overall plight of labor-intensive enterprises of Wenzhou. Labor shortages, wage increases, more stringent labor laws, RMB appreciation will make the survival of the traditional manufacturing industry is facing greater pressure.

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Inside and outside the clipping and lower profit PRD shoe caught survival: Domestic exports

“World Factory” – a synonym for the Pearl River Delta; processing, most of the Pearl River Delta factory option. Once, this cost advantage based on simple sales model, so that daring Ganpin Guangdong were more easily Early and up; while now, constantly changing, the “world factory” profits are continually shrinking, process business owners suddenly realize: make money from foreigners, no longer so easy. Do not change yourself out of the market will be merciless. For this reason, many do not want to move factories overseas began to change survival strategies: export + domestic.

“Guangzhou Daily” reported that the industrial city of Guangzhou – Panyu District. Mr Duncan Pescod Diamond Co., Ltd. and Dan Lourui Hing Shoes factory, two very different products processing enterprises are facing the same problem: the costs and exchange rates. Worry on the brow of them began to look at themselves and begin to change yourself. However, the boat sailed across the oceans, it is not easy.UGG Ultra Tall 5245

Measures increase the cost of workers: the machine instead of people

Mr Duncan Pescod Diamond Co., Ltd. is China’s second largest diamond processing company, has 2,000 employees, more than 60,000 karats of rough diamonds per month. If you wore, is a brand of diamond jewelry in Hong Kong, then a diamond ring is likely to come from the factory. Cheng-Wei Huang, chairman of Hong Kong people, his workshop apprentice take aim at the reform and opening up the Pearl River Delta to come to the comparative advantage of cheap labor to build factories and quick success. However, this had attracted him to the mainland north of the main reasons, is now disappearing. He told reporters: “In recent years rapidly rising wages, and recruitment is difficult. Especially the” Labor Contract Law “into effect, the company’s labor costs by at least 20%.”

How do? Cheng-Wei Huang first thought was “mechanized”, he struggled to find workers who can work with machinery instead of links, such as: He introduced China’s first diamond cutting laser machine, effectively saving labor. In his factory, from design to cutting, unless forced to, as far as possible in all aspects of computer and machinery do the job. On mechanization, Cheng-Wei Huang has his set of management theory: “Modern business should not simply the pursuit of GDP, while per capita output should pay attention to. Mechanization to increase per capita output of the shortcut. We must ensure that workers are statutory rest period, but the machine not, it can operate 24 hours a day to. “Cheng-Wei Huang tasted the sweetness from the mechanized not only” efficient “, as well as” quality. ” He said the mechanized production line produced by the diamond product, quality, much better than manual production.

Panyu District, in the just-concluded “two sessions”, Panyu District, head Luo Weifeng said: Only one of the town of Panyu, there are more than 100 processing class business because “the labor contract law” to close down or move out. Shows that they increase labor costs in the face of reality, is how vulnerable. The survey found that Cheng-Wei Huang’s “mechanical” change in the Pearl River Delta may not have a general reference – the Pearl River Delta factories producing clothing and shoes most of the traditional necessities, processing flow has become stereotyped, these industries are still further mechanization potential? In addition, business owners whether they can do as Cheng-Wei Huang, has sufficient funds to reserves, “Deal or No Deal” to purchase expensive new technology and new equipment?

Strategies for the wedding dress for others: caught between a brand

Pearl River Delta manufacturing industry lacks independent brands, but behind those well known brand goods, often hiding the 12 PRD unknown backs. Many factories were involved in the Pearl River Delta’s marketing brand, but brands do not belong to them, “a wedding dress for others,” is that they play a role.UGG Classic Cardy 5819

Cheng-Wei Huang’s diamond processing plant to provide for a diamond jewelry brand in Hong Kong finished; another processing enterprises – Shilou Rui Xing Footwear factory is OEM for the 23 European and American brands. Dan Lourui shoe factory owner Xing Du Kai Zhou said: “The same pair of shoes, if we are to sell only to sell 18 U.S. dollars; once to the customer, they are labeled by the Italian brand’s trademark, price can be more than 80 U.S. dollars . In fact, the same cargo. ”

“We can only profit from the brand brought in a small piece of the action assigned. Some international jewelry brands do not even have any lines, they enlist the products on a global scale, put your own trademark can be sold at high prices after the. Because they they do not produce, and sometimes even lead to debt chains. Why do they make money so easily? This is the power of the brand! “Cheng-Wei Huang aware of this.

So, they thought of their own brands. The Shui Hing Kai Du boat shoe now has its own brand, but he’s branding shoe cautious attitude: “Brand is not able to make out a couple of days to build a brand, require substantial capital investment. Many SMEs have become accustomed to the traditional processing, change is difficult. ”

Cheng-Wei Huang registration of a trademark belonging to his jewelry, he said: “branding is very difficult. 100 companies to take this course is likely that only one can succeed to survive. But the situation by force, do not walk this path, sooner or later doomed! take that step as soon as possible. “Ugg Upside Tall 5163

Measures inside and outside the clipping and lower profits: Export + Domestic

In a sense, the impact of inflation on the processing enterprises, even in the lives of ordinary people. Business owners need not only to bear the pressure of rising labor costs, but also raw material price increases to endure time and time again on the nerve stimulation. Du Kai Zhou told: “bonding upper and sole use of glue, a year ago, 50 one is enough; now stands at 150 yuan, which exactly three times!” Cheng-Wei Huang is said: “Over the past two years, the price of rough diamonds up about 20%. “

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Cooperation to explore the world of overseas brands

That car, the EU anti-dumping lawsuits and rising costs led to the throes of transition to make more than a thousand shoe closure of the Pearl River Delta; here, following the successful listing of Belle International, began developing the full range of footwear in the field after the first brand Aokang Group and Italy signed a cooperation agreement, the line firmly onto the international shoe company … … the situation in China, so that industry can not read the same time screaming, start thinking about: International Selection can not be the world’s brand new road trips?UGG Handbags

Newspaper profile photo
Half water half of the flame

In 2007, the Pearl River Delta thousands of shoes enterprises in processing trade in the throes of transition, declared closed. Asia Footwear Association statistics show that over the past year, thousands of shoe factories in Guangdong, 56, closed 1000. The closure of production capacity in Guangdong Province accounted for 10% of the footwear industry -15% 150 000 -20 million related to staff.
Currently, the production scale of the global footwear industry about 16 billion pairs. In 2007, China has accounted for the production of shoes, shoe manufacturing global scale 68%. Data, from 2001 to 2006, China shoe from the 20 000 to 30 000 over quickly, most of them small and medium processing enterprises. Order growth in the number of backward production capacity for growth in the company of vicious competition, big price war. At the same time, large-scale, low-priced imports not only defeat the domestic small and medium sized footwear company, has attracted Chinese shoe anti-dumping “all-powerful.”
However, not all life difficult for Chinese shoes enterprises. In 2007, China’s largest shoe manufacturers Belle International successfully listed on the HKEx, HKEx has become one of the mainland’s largest retail market value of listed companies. Beijing 2008 Olympic Games leather products supplier Wenzhou Aokang Group, while continuing with the EU’s footwear industry with the anti-dumping proceedings, on the one hand to complete the layout of domestic investment and footwear chain deep plowing, and eyes on the world. In the tacit cooperation with the European brand GOEX few years, Aokang Group in early 2008, once again attack overseas, the Italian brand Wan Li Weide first global strategic partners, and received 10 000 Li Weide’s global brand marketing and operation of the authorization.UGG Kid’s Classic

Cooperation to explore the world of overseas brands

Not the OEM (OEM), not the general agent in China or overseas mergers and acquisitions, Li Weide Aokang cooperation with million of China’s shoe-making enterprises to create a new mode of foreign collaboration.
Under the agreement: Aokang Group obtained the right to operate 10,000 Li Weide global brand, its global brand marketing and product manufacturers all operate independently from the O’Conner, Wan Li Weide provide product development resources to provide technical and legal support. In addition, the 10000 Li Weide will help Aokang Group, the Italian headquarters in its R & D center set up and provide space, equipment and production resources, development of the two sides shared the results.
Wan Li Weide, a household name in Italy. With bionics and take a deep breath ventilation system developed shoes, 10000 Li Weide create and lead the Italian footwear industry to a new era. Wan Li Weide in more than 2,300 stores worldwide, is “the world’s shoes,” visibility and reputation of Italy’s number one shoe brand.
“With the gradual aging of European society and industry began to decline. In 2004, more than 200 shoe Kingdom of Spain, there are two companies in 2005, remaining 1. Most of these enterprises are concentrated in the 10 – 30 or so size. Now China’s shoe industry up to more than 220 million employees, nearly 20,000 people have only Aokang scale. “Wan Li Weide head of Dr Lee said. In fact, the 10,000 objects from China Li Weide has felt the impact of excellent low cost product.
80 Since the 20th century, the world’s footwear industry shift focus from Europe and North America, the Far East. China became the world’s footwear industry, concentration of the transfer. 20 years in eastern China, particularly the accumulation of industrial enterprises stood on China to a new platform – Chinese enterprises, especially the part of the Chinese shoe companies already have global sourcing and global marketing capabilities.UGG Classic Tall Metallic
“Wan Li Weide to conquer the world, must find a good partner.” Dr Lee commented Aokang Group cooperation.
XU Yong, honorary chairman of China Leather Association, said that China and the EU footwear industry development should not be a simple competition, but the relationship between competition and cooperation, complementarity and development. Italian footwear manufacturers association Vice also said that China is not competing, but complementary partner.

The trouble grew out of the East is not on the Western Liang

Internationalization strategy of Chinese shoes enterprises shows multi-directional trend. By O’Conner, for example, in addition to, and 10,000 Li Weide, GEOX cooperation, self-control in the international market appeared “International brands system”, the international brand is also planning to achieve a gradual transition from global marketing to the international research and development. On its own brand, its internationalization strategy is “overseas localization” operation.
June 2007, Global Marketing Summit organized Aokang while Aokang United States, India and Hong Kong also started three companies, targeting high-end U.S. market, the population size of the Indian market as well as the world’s second leading edge of international fashion market in Hong Kong – Aokang global marketing strategy development effort. This means planning the world Aokang has over 1 / 3 the population of the footwear market. To enter the Hong Kong market is Aokang from “internal marketing” turned a springboard for overseas.UGG Lo Pro Classic Tall
The difference is that 100% of the three companies to employ local talent. Employing “foreigners” to work in the Chinese enterprises “going out”, Aokang spread overseas expansion strategy blueprint for localization.

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Show blowing shoes this year “transition” wind, to discuss how the transition to build brand shoes

(Reporter Chen Weihua) Seventh Dongguan China Shoes. Shoetec, will be held April 16 to 18 at the Houjie Town of Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre. Organizers said more seminars will be held to discuss issues such as how to restructure enterprises shoes.

It is reported that Dongguan China Shoes by China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import & Export Chamber of Commerce, Düsseldorf Exhibition (China) Co., Ltd., the Hong Kong Exhibition Services Ltd. and Guangdong Modern Convention and Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. jointly sponsored. Dongguan be as the only UFI approved professional footwear international development, it has become the most important sourcing platform in the high-end shoes, and the development of the world’s largest shoe GDS International Footwear Fair in Germany echoed.UGG Bailey Button

Organizers estimated the scale of the seventh exhibition will once again expand, is expected to more than 600 exhibiting companies, visitors will total 25,000, of which about 7,000 overseas visitors called, the total exhibition area will reach 25,000 square meters.

According to reports, this shoe show more than the same period will continue to hold workshops to discuss how the transformation of its brand building and footwear marketing, franchising, international market rules and how to enhance the competitiveness of the industry such as a hot topic.UGG Classic Tall Patent Paisley

Will be held with the department store brand shoe exchange summit, invited from Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Hangzhou, Anhui and other cities, the upscale department store managers and exhibitors face, bring together trade flows.

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Aokang pre-market action, the largest footwear store in Wenzhou

Aokangliming famous open space will be the industry’s more shocking, one shoe store more than 1000 square meters of domestic are rare, but also display their brand Aokang focus a bright spot in action.

The largest footwear stores in Wenzhou, February 23 Dawn Road, Hung Temple in the old urban center began trial operation on the first floor. This is called “Aokangliming famous space” of the shoe store, operating area of 1,000 square meters, will sell Aokang, Hong Long, Marie Claire, fire bird, 10000 Li Weide 5 Aokang Leather products and footwear brands.UGG Classic Tall stamp

At the scene to see, “Aokangliming famous space” Although not decorated, but the suspension is a huge eye-catching ads. Store temporary put a slide table, is to “2-5 fold,” the sale of Aokang, Hong Long, code broken fire bird shoes, hot business.

Wu Jiaping Aokang Wenzhou Branch Manager, said business is to store the current trial, “momentum”, in March, after renovation began, the biggest shoes in Wenzhou integrated store is expected to officially open in April. Aokang Group, the largest shoe store, located in Heze, Shandong, business area of 2,300 square meters.

Wu Jiaping frankly, Aokang Liming Road location for two main reasons: first, a residential area near a lot, a larger group of consumers; Second, the current business climate of this section is not strong, Aokang would like to seize this development opportunities.UGG Ultra Short Le

Aokang Group has signed a lease for 10 years the shop, allegedly an annual rent of more than 1 million yuan.

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